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Thursday, 22 October 2015

Day 5 - The Tiny Essentials Tote Bag Sew Along

How did you go with "catch up day" yesterday? All ready to keep on rolling I hope.

Day 5 is a big day, an important day. We are going to be working on really putting this bag together properly.

Don't worry we are doing this together. :)

Let's get started......
1. As per the instructions attach and sew the piping to the body pieces.
NOTE: Follow these instructions carefully in regards to using a different coloured thread as this will be an important key in the next step going smoothly.

Make sure you snip those tiny little corner pieces to allow the piping to move with the curved corners of the bag. It will make it sit nice and flat.

2. Add zipper tabs to your zips. You do not HAVE to do this, however the reason I do (on all my bags) is it looks a lot more professional and finishes your bag beautifully. So it is worth the small amount of time it takes to do this.

3. Attach the gusset pieces to the zipper. It is your choice whether to quilt this or not (I have not in this bag, instead I added a row of top stitching)

4. Gather up your wonder clips they will be your best friend for this step!

(You can use pins if you don't have wonder clips) Wonder clips will make this step easier. Don't be afraid to use lots of them.

5. Using the line you carefully sewed your piping down with (navy blue in my case) as your guideline. Follow these instructions carefully to get a great result.
Design Tip: Make sure before the next step that you open the zipper up half way or turning your bag right side out will be difficult.
6. Repeat for the other side of your bag.
7. Once completed turn right side out!! Well done, it is now looking like a real bag.
My other tip for today is GO SLOW. These steps can be tricky, you a sewing piping through thick layers by this stage and to get great results you just need to take it slow. Do not attempt this day if you are feeling tired or get frustrated or your seam ripper will become your best friend (goodbye wonder clips...hello seam ripper) :) Once you have made one of these bags the next is so much easier so just go step by step and follow the instructions to a tee.....and ask for help if you need it.
Happy Sewing

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