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Sunday, 20 March 2016

Chapel St Shoulder Bag Series: Bag Bling

I consider the small touches that we add to our handmade wares are what really make them shine.

From the fabric choices to the trims to the zipper colour. All these little design pieces go together to make our handmade bags really stand out.

To add to the small details, I love to make bag bling. These little bag charms are perfect for zipper pulls to give your bag the finishing touch.

Here is how you can make your own zipper charms!

Supplies Needed:

- Round Nose Pliers
- Lobster Clasps
- 50 mm eye pins
- Jump rings
- Charms
- Assortment of beads

1. Take one of the pins, one end will have a little loop. Using the pliers undo the loop just enough to slip the charm onto the end. Slide the charm onto the loop and use the pliers to close the loop again.

2. Now comes the fun part. Thread your beads in any order that you like onto the other end of the pin. Leave a 1/4" free without beads to attach to the lobster clasp.
3. Take your pliers and turn the wire over into a loop shape. Attach a jump ring and a lobster clip. Voila! All done.
See how addictive these are to make! They are so much fun! You won't stop at just one. 
Attach to your bag and away you go! 

I can't wait to see your bag bling!

Happy Making,

Kylie x 



  1. When you turn the last 1/4 " into a loop shape, and add jump ring, what keeps the loop from pulling out? What secures it?
    Thank you for the info, will soon be bling on my Swoons!

  2. Have been wanting to make some of these for a while, was just wondering if there was anywhere online you would recommend for getting the supplies? Thank you for sharing how to make them.

  3. What size jump ring do you use ?