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Monday, 19 October 2015

Day 2 - The Tiny Essentials Tote Bag Sew Along

How was day 1 of the sew along for you?
Did you create a mood board? If so I would love you to share on social media just tage #TETSAL and #littlemoodesigns (there will be a prize for some lucky person who shares this week, so make sure you do so, you have to be in it to win it after all).

Onto Day 2 of the Tiny Essentials Tote Bag Sew Along.

Today you are going to prepare and sew the bag body pieces, let the fun begin!

Have a think about what you will use this bag for?
There are so many options and structuring your lining to suit the bags contents is important.
My testing team and I came up with loads of uses for this gorgeous bags some of these included;
- Nail Polish and Accessories (this was the original purpose when I designed this bag however I soon realised it could be used for so much more!
- Essential Oils
- Make Up
- Kids Toys
- Colouring in sets
- Electrical Cords.

The pattern shows you two simple options for your lining pieces - which will you choose, elastic or netting or a combination of both?
Plan your pockets based on the bag use and sew these accordingly.

A design tip: Fold Over Elastic is a great alternative for elastic loops.


Here are some examples to inspire you.
Once you have prepared the lining with the pockets it is time to move onto the exterior of  the bag.
The pattern includes instructions on the popular QAYG (Quilt As You Go) Technique which is popping up everywhere at the moment.
This is a simple technique which looks fabulous in bags and purses and is a simple technique to learn. The other bonus is that it gives your bag structure and a point of difference.
The reason you need to sew QAYG only to the exterior of the bag body is due  to the pockets on the lining, so this needs to be completed on the exterior only.
Take some time to plan your QAYG design.
Would you like your bag to have a diagonal lines? 
Thank you lovely Laura for this image.
 Or how about a diamond look ?
Melisa Jane Handmade.
Or maybe you prefer more free motion style of QAYG?

Or perhaps you would prefer not to quilt your bag body at all....well that is o.k. as it looks amazing also. Check this out:
Twirl Girl Boutique.

Once you have completed your Quilting (or not), attach your bag handles.

Design Tip: If you have fold over bag labels, attaching them under the straps looks great.

Sew the exterior and lining bag pieces together with wrong sides facing. Trim off excess and put aside until tomorrow when we will make our own piping!! Yay!

Happy Sewing.

Kylie x


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