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Thursday, 3 July 2014

My Amazing Pattern Testers!

So now you know -
1. I am releasing PDF patterns as part of the Little Moo Designs range
2. My first PDF pattern is for a fantastic messenger bag with loads of customisation options (being released via my Etsy store Sunday 6th July!!)

Well now I would like to introduce you to my amazing pattern testers who have helped me make this pattern top notch. I can't thank these fabulous ladies enough. Anyway you need to see their work for yourself so here goes:

This gorgeous denim messenger bag featuring the owl applique (yes this applique design comes with the pattern! What a bonus) - is made by the amazingly talented Emma from Emma Loves To Sew.

I have been a huge fan of Emma's work for a long time, so was very flattered when she accepted to be a pattern tester for me (check out her dino hoodies you will love them!)

These gorgeous bags were made by a personal sewer (and very clever lady) Melita. I LOVE the fish bag, this is one I would use for myself. Melita made a number of messenger bags from my pattern and provided these adorable photos to show what the bag looks like on a little person. Safe to say she did an awesome job, don't you think?

I have loads more examples to show you so stay tuned for another blog post tomorrow with more pictures. I hope your getting excited now. :)

Happy Sewing

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  1. Love these bags Kylie! Congrats on your new venture into pattern design. So exciting!