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Friday, 10 October 2014

Around The World Blog Hop.

A few weeks ago Jen from the amazing sewing e-zine One Thimble nominated me to take part in the Around the World Blog Hop. I met Jen a few months ago when I contributed my Busy Block Pattern to Issue 4 of One Thimble (You can still purchase your copy via the One Thimble Website today).

This is my first "Blog Hop" and I am excited to give it a go, I hope you learn a little more about me as you read this.

Blog Hop Questions:

1. What am I working on?
I am currently working on Surfing Santa Shorts orders for Little Moo Designs, as well as two more awesome sewing patterns. This is all keeping me super busy.

2. How does my blog differ from others of its genre?
My blog is a look at the behind the scenes of Little Moo. It gives me the opportunity to expand more on how my sewing patterns and other designs come together.
3. Why do I write what I do? I like to why not write ;)
Explaining what I do and how I do it is an integral part of my business. My customers can expect high quality, unique designs and my blog allows me to explain this in greater detail.

4. How does my creating process work?

I have one huge notebook, it has sketches, notes, ideas and lots of scribble for pattern ideas in particular. Between this and a spreadsheet on my computer I haphazardly manage my creative ideas this way. A lot of my creative process happens at 3 am (makes it hard to sleep :)) so I wake up, draw a picture or write the idea down so I can come back to it when I have time.

Next week I'd like you to visit two other bloggers who've are excited to take part in this blog hop:

Lauren from Molly and Mama - Not only is Lauren a lovely friend of mine, but she has a beautiful blog full of stunning pictures, fun projects and a gorgeous applique pattern range that is to die for.

Kylie from Willow & The Owl  - One of the hottest Australian Made Labels around - check out Kylie's gorgeous nursery sets and while your at it her banana bread recipe! So easy and yummy (recipe on her blog)

Happy Sewing
Kylie x

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  1. Thanks for sharing Molly and Mama Kylie! It's great to read a little bit about you and your gorgeous business!